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We help suppliers to remarket their non-performing inventory, whilst offering a fair value to the independent retail sector, and export accounts in non-competing regions.

With over a decade of European trading experience, we find new lucrative routes to markets without interfering with regular distribution channels, helping your business to grow.

Effective exiting of surplus inventory is a complex process, particularly if products are still in circulation. We therefore work with a large number of industry leaders to provide the most cost-effective remarketing solutions, customised for your business.

Our Supply

At Effex, we believe that successful business comes from transparent and continuous cooperation.

We work with a number of large to medium sized European e-commerce companies and high street retailers to process and remarket their distressed inventory. We help retailers remarket their surplus, or process and liquidate their customer returns, running efficient asset recovery programs for them across Europe.

Our Mission

To give growing economies access to affordable goods and overstocked businesses a means to remarket.

Our Vision

To be the first choice remarketing partner for our suppliers.

Our Values

We value honesty, creativity, and hard work. We believe in talking straight, planning for all outcomes, and only ever promising what we can deliver.



Independent sector

Auction houses
Flash sale channels
Pawn shops
Cash and Carry
Warehouse sales
Market traders

Southeastern Europe
including the Balkans
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eastern Europe
Czech Republic
Non-European Countries

Given the sensitive nature of our business, we work with the independent retail sector and wholesale export accounts only (rather than traditional corporates such as large retail chains or distributors).

In Europe, we work with independent outlets, pawn shops, auctioneers, discounters, and flash-sale promotional projects. Our partners offer both new and refurbished products, sold with a limited *Return to Base* warranty.

In addition, we work with export accounts, predominantly for high volume sales. Our most effective export destinations are in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, including The Balkans. Outside of the EU, we have wholesale partners in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

We vet all new trading applications and perform in-depth due diligence checks before establishing a relationship. Our customers are carefully selected and consist of discreet and trustworthy independent resellers.


The remarketing of obsolete and distressed inventory is one of our key specialities at Effex.

Surplus stock can occur within any distribution network. Whether due to inaccurate forecasting, misjudged marketing campaigns or emerging products, surplus stock is an inevitable factor of retail, even within built-to-order business models.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, it is essential to have a clear strategy with alternative exiting routes in place for your distressed inventory before new product launches or purchases.

When choosing alternative remarketing routes, it is important to consider where and how your product is sold, making sure surplus clearance doesn’t interfere with regular sales channels, nor impact the retail value of current or new products going forward.

We will provide several exiting routes for your surplus inventory, offering you the opportunity to select the most appropriate strategy for your business. We can sell your product discreetly in the region – without causing market disturbances – or we can export and sell via flash sale channels, secret shopping clubs, discounters, online or offline, singly or in bulk.

Depending on the case, we often use complex remarketing models involving a combination of the remarketing channels and regions.

We are highly experienced in utilising the secondary niche of the European consumer market to the best advantage for our clients. When it comes to channels and regions, our customer base of small, independent resellers provides us with the flexibility we need for discreet remarketing.


Strategic sourcing is one of the business plug-in services we offer.

This is a highly effective and popular on-demand service for clients who wish to use us as their in-house sourcing and purchasing team. Whether it’s a particular product or mixed category consignment, Effex is your direct link to leading consumer brands and vendors in Europe. If the stock you are looking for is not immediately available, we’ll reach out to the most relevant suppliers and distributors in Europe, including the open market.

Unlike large corporates, our B2B customers are small, independent companies with limited resources, for whom keeping an in-house sourcing team is often too expensive. Our strategic sourcing service is the ideal add-on for such operations, leaving our clients free to focus on sales and customer services.

Contact us today for a no-commitment discussion. We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about the product or category you’re looking for, then we’ll call you to discuss the project in more detail. We will also update you regularly on available stock opportunities during the process.

When sourcing, we always aim to:
  • supply the exact product or product category requested
  • offer alternative product options or sub-categories
  • offer competitive pricing within or below the indicated target price
  • deliver to requested deadlines
  • negotiate the most favourable after-sales terms


We offer a comprehensive returns management program including sorting, screening, testing, grading, and recycling. For complex processes such as product refurbishment and fault analysis we work in cooperation with various service centres in Europe.

Whilst customer returns are a burden to retailers, they encourage consumer confidence and increase sales. Many retailers offer a no-quibble 14-day money back guarantee returns policy, with some offering free returns to capture custom.

In the last 10 years, the volume of returns has only increased, even though retailers are constantly improving their returns handling processes. Through working with us in this area, you will gain an experienced and process-oriented remarketing partner you can rely on.

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